Feature Articles

Tackling COVID-19 Myths

After the state of Texas opened up, relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions, and more people started venturing out, the number of community-spread cases began escalating both in Texoma and statewide. Due to this recent escalation and the still-present threat of COVID-19, Electra Hospital District is urging people to continue wearing their masks and following all virus safety recommendations offered by the CDC and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Specialized Wound Care Treatment Available at EMH

Proper methods are essential to healing when it comes to taking care of a wound, which can be daunting for some patients. Electra Memorial Hospital in Electra, Texas helps facilitate that healing by offering patients wound care treatment services. Committed to providing compassionate and quality care, EMH provides patients with a wide variety of wound care services from chronic and post-surgical wounds to managing wounds at home through home health services.

Electra Hospital District on UV Safety Month

July is National UV Safety Month, making it the perfect time for the Electra Hospital District to help raise awareness of the risks of sun damage and spread the message of sun safety. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can be very damaging to our skin and overall health. Valerie Pinson, nurse practitioner with Park Clinic, a division of EHD in Iowa Park, Texas, says that the sun emits many different types of light wavelengths, many of which can be very damaging to the skin.