Hello, my name is Katie McKinley! Welcome to my writing portfolio showcasing some of my recent and past works. But first, a little about me: 

Growing up I always knew I loved writing. English was always my strong suit, and I looked forward to daily creative writing assignments. I even loved vocabulary tests and diagramming sentences. My friends used to jokingly refer to me as a "wordsmith." But it wasn’t until I got to college and stepped into my first news writing and graphic design classes that I realized I had a knack for communications. I still love writing, though I write a little differently now. Rather than jotting down fictional stories or rhyming sentences, my focus is how I can best communicate news and create content for the public. I come alive when I have a camera in my hands or a blank document before me waiting for the next story or post, and I love to research graphic design trends and watch my ideas come to life on a screen. I am so grateful for this passion and this industry.